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Welcome to the Creative Free Bonus Page.

I get asked for advice many, many times on the best ways to do blog, marketing, and promotion tasks.

As a professional I really need to charge for my time which doesn’t always go down well with the person doing the asking, so I have decided to put up this page with a number of items that may just answer some of those questions.

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Here is your first product

Blogging for BeginnersBlogging For Beginners

For novices in the e-commerce field, blogging is the most established and easiest strategy businessmen leverage on for marketing their products.

Exploit this opportunity, learn innovative tricks of the trade and drive traffic to your webpage.

Get consumers to take notice of your website and develop your reputation among a global population.

SEO, SMO, Social Bookmarking are complex and require professional handling. Blogging is in your hands.

Learn all the strategies of blogging expertly and claim your place among the most popular ones.

Interact one-to-one with your customers, recognise their demands, structure your product/ service/ information accordingly, and savour the taste of success.

Blogging For Beginners



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Some people will tell you that any traffic is good traffic but they are the ones who are most likely trying to sell you something you don’t need. The fact is that the only good traffic is targeted traffic. Any other kinds of traffic is useless. Period.

The kind of traffic that you MUST need on your website is the people who have their credit cards at the ready and are actually looking to buy what you are selling.

That cuts through all the fluffs, hypes and myths about traffic generation, huh? Incidentally, this happens to be the most problematic part for any new web site and Internet Business startups.

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